Usb to pci-e adapter

i want to do some more serious gaming ,,,but my laptop config don't allow it..
intel dual core 2ghz
2gb ram
intel gma 4500mhd......
so i thoght i should try ext graphic card but it requires pci-e slot which my laptop dont have,,
so could u plz tell me if there any adapter for usb to pci-e...
i know usb not much faster but somewhere i read it can give 60% of graphic card performance,,,,,,so plz guys reply to this question seriously...regards
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  1. PCI-E x16, which is what graphics cards use runs at up to 16gb/s. USB 2.0 is 400mbps. Graphics cards also require more power (about 150watts I believe?) which the laptop cannot supply, even if it is plugged in. I would suggest upgrading RAM, but theres not much else you can do. If your laptop had thunderbolt, you can get an external enclosure and PSU for graphics cards.
  2. JohnJones, you are confusing bits and bytes. Pcie 2.0 x16 is 16GB/s. Usb 2.0 is 30MB/s, that's bytes. And there are desktop graphic cards that can use as low as 15w. Pcie 2.0 itself only supplies 75w. Beside an egpu requires an external psu. You could use your mpcie which pretty much every laptop uses for it's wireless card. If you could give a model number, you may even have an expresscard slot to use. Both of these options would be at pcie x1 which is 1GB/s. This could get the approximate 60% you read somewhere.
  3. But neither will give you playable frame rates. I had a similar laptop and it couldn't handle TF2 on 800x600 with everything low. I dumped that one and get a "new" one with an ATI 2600m in it. Plays TF2 (and diablo 3 from what I've read online) just fine. Basically I'm saying it's time for a new laptop. Got my HP 8510W from Ebay for less then $200 shipped. Something to consider.
  4. your information was little helpful.....but my laptop neither have mpcie i want to know only about usb to pci-e adpter...and plz tell me about the website where i can buy this this tool...thnx
  5. Again, even if you could find one USB 2 is simply to slow to allow you to do what you want. The reason why the "information was little helpful" is because what you want to do isn't possible/practical.
  6. so that mean no way to increase my laptop gaming power...
  7. Nope.
  8. can u seggest me any good gaming laptop under 500$
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