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Here is my problem I cant Boot windows on my pc because i replaced the dead mobo with one from a hp pavilion (M2N68-LA Narra5) and we all know that Vista/7 are whores when u try to change the mobo. On top of that Ubuntu FCKD up its boot loader. Ive treid the Vista repair CD on internet but it said Incompatible (I have x64 Vista) THEN I tried installing Vista from my Harddisk (which dosent have repair menu for some reason) and deleting the boot folder but couldnt.. Then I used my windows 7 DVD to repair bootloader wich got rid of GRUB (Ubuntu bootloader) so I then tried to boot agian but still got BSOD so I googled error code it said something about ACHI bios settings wich was what the old mobo was set to and the Hp bios is EXTREMLY limited so i cant change ACHI in it on top of that ALL my games were installed on that os so most dont work anymore :pfff: does anyone knoy of any software or bootdisks that would help? The Hdd the vistas on is has 2 patitions.Also could I just upgrade to Win 7(I reeeeeeeeealy dont want to...)

Old specs ( I Think )
asRock Wolfdale 1333 D667
radeon 4670
4gb ram
Seagate Barracuda
Core 2 Duo E6750
Vista Ultimate x64

M2N68-LA Narra5 (hp)
Seagate Barracuda 500gb
WD 320gb
Sempron LE1250 (Go Ahead and laugh)
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