Graphics card ..Help plz

Hello all i posted on this site a bit back and got some great info on a new card for my low budget PC.

Unfortunately after ordering the card (32 days later ) i am told by Tigerdirect that the card is now Discontinued.

Pc specs posted below..I realy just want to buy a vid card and not a new power supply.

Acer Aspire Ax3400G-U4802

Windows 7 64bit

4 GIG DDR3 ram

AMD Athlon II X2 255 ( processor )

1 TB hard Drive

Nvidia GeForce 9200 (Integrated )

This is a slimline PC

I will post the card that was suggested ( discontinued )

The goal here is to be able to play Diablo3 at higher settings and hopefuly Guild was 2 soon.

Thanks a bunch.. I will check the post often..
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    oxford373 said:

    hd6670 would be too much for Op's 220w psu. I wouldn't get anything higher than a hd6570
  2. ty for quick reply... So the HD6570 will be fine with my power supply ?
  3. yup I have one running on a 200w hp slimline machine.
  4. ty soo much.. love this site and the awsome ppl whom roam it
  5. Looking into this card it5 says.

    Minimum PSU Wattage Requirement
    400 watt

    I am 100% confused by 99% of PC workings.
  6. it the 12v plus rail of the power supply. say it 30a on the label. so 30 amps times 12v is 360w. so that the max wattage for that 12v line. what you have to do is look at the wattage of the 12v line then look at your cpu. you have to remove the cpu voltage first from the 12v line and what left up to about 80 percent of that number would be left for video card. why i say 80 percent is you have to leave some wattage so you dont burn out the power supply and two you have to add in the hard drives and any extra card.
  7. The 6670 is better overall. You may want to consider a low profile version. But, the price is higher. If power consumption is a concern, then a 6450 is worth it.

  8. @ Fantastik250 So i there any way you could tell me the best card i could upgrade too ?

    The graph makes very little sence to me... Tigerdirect has agreed to pay the extra for a better card than the one i was suppose to get.( $88 ) was the price i was paying.

    Im trying to get the biggest bang for my buck..So far the HD6570 is what i will be ordering
  9. It's a total system power graph. As you can see the GTX 580 uses a total of 490 Watts. The 6570 uses 204. The 6670 uses 199.

    Smorizio and I wanted to make sure if your PSU can handle the cards. Both of these cards are already pushing your PSU limit. If you can get the 6670 at nearly the same price it's fine.

    But, if you already bought the 6570, then there is no more we can say.

    Personally, I'd rather have you getting a 6450 (uses way less power) and save your computer from any malfunction.
  10. ty for all the help guys I will be ordering the 6570 as it seems to be my best choice without totaly over doing it. ty all again best forum ever
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  12. Hey guys i went to buy the hd6570 but there are quite a few differant ones.. Any way i can get a direct link to the card ? ty again
  13. The card from Tigerdierct sayz its not low profile..

    But the card from newegg seems like a fit.
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