My gpu Nvidia Geforce GT 220 is running really hot

Hello there I have a Gateway SX2800-01c and the graphics card a Nvidia Geforce GT 220 is running at 77c with normal use but gets up to 110c when gaming before it auto shuts down. I just cleaned out the card and applied new thermal compound to it. I used Arctic silver 5. Could the problem be that I used to much thermal compound? I used about a pea sized amount but it was slightly think when I put the card back together. Or does this card just run overly hot?
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  1. GPU's are much smaller than CPU's! Use a MUCH smaller size during your paste applications.
  2. That card barely consumes any power at all, it shouldn't be running anywhere near that hot. Take it apart again and try using a lot less thermal paste this time around, even if it is only transferring heat half as well as it used to it shouldn't get close to 80C let alone 110C.
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    For GPU's i am big on using the credit card method.

    After the gpu core and heatsink is cleaned with 99% isopropyl alcohol(or as high as you can get)

    You just apply a small tab and smooth it flat with the edge(and edge that has been cleaned with the same alcohol) of a credit card.

    Now since every video card heatsink is a bit different, the thickness will depend on how close the heatsink fits(For instance my 9800Pro back in the day needed a rather thick layer.). You want as little as you can use while still filling the gap.

    Not sure how much, start thin, then apply the heatsink and screw it down, take it apart and see how it looks. This is a pain because it requires cleanings/re application before each check, but it does work to find just the right amount.

    @ amuffin, Nice quote and sig :)
  4. I see... so I should only use barely enough to coat the card? I clean the card with the arctic silver cleaning solution and purifier and I do use the credit card method of spreading.
  5. AS cleaner is great.

    So yeah, try the thickness of a sheet of paper(only over the gpu it self) and see how it works.
  6. nukemaster said:

    @ amuffin, Nice quote and sig :)

    Doctor Who FTW! :sol:

    Anyways, I still find using the weight of the cooler as the best method.
  7. So I reapplied the thermal compound using less then half the original amount, enough to coated the gpu and connect to the heat sink but the card is still running at 70c for web browsing and up to 110c when gaming.
  8. Add an extra fan near the card and it will bring temps down.
  9. When you remove the card's heatsink, how much thermal paste has overflowed?

    Can you get us some images of the application(so we can see how much is in use)?
  10. No thermal paste overflowed. I will add some pictures some time tomorrow it is late were I am.
  11. Well if non overflowed, maybe you have a larger gap. will wait for the pics.
  12. I have found the problem while I was taking pictures. There was a large mound of dust on the heat sink that blocked the air way. After removing most of it my temperature (the rest is unreachable) has dropped to about 50-60 when doing normal tasks. I estimate it will hit mid 70-80 when gaming. Is this good operating temperature?
  13. Now you are in the right range.

    Get a can of compressed air from the store and blast air from the fan(no not let the air spin the fan like crazy) side then the vent side back and forth the help remove that last bit of dust.
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