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I've never had a problem with these cards, and I'm only running a 2 speaker w/ sub system, so is this card fine? Are there any Turtle Beach cards or so on that are competitive for the price? I'm not looking for 5.1 surround sound or anything so this should be simple.

While I'm at it, on Newegg they offer:

<b>Creative Lab Sound Blaster Live Value PCI Sound Card</b> for $30
<b>Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 Model: SB0102</b> for $32

Is the first one the Live Value (yes) and the second just the Live? What the hell is the difference?

If I go for a TB sound card I'll just use another vendor, but shouldn't the SB be fine? Yes crashman I'll avoid VIA like the plague when I pick my MB :)

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  1. The only difference between the two is the latter has support for 5.1 surround sound--both uses the same chip, EMU10K1.
    Which Turtle Beach card are you talking about??--the Santa Cruz?? You can get the Philips Acoustic Edge for $10 less, plus it has great support for whatever motherboard or OS (maybe an exception with Linux) you plan to use.

    If your not using Windoze 2000 or a Via chip, I guarantee Crashman will suggest his good 'ol Vortex2.

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  2. The Santa Cruz is $70 so that's too expensive for a 3 speaker setup for me. The sound quality is an issue, but since I'm not getting 5.1 there is no point in spending too much for a sound card. Correct me if I'm wrong. I have Altec Lansing speakers (forget which model).

    I was thinking more in the neighborhood of the MontegoII or something as far as TB goes. I have a MontegoI and it's been great, but I would have to assume that the SB would be better for the money. I just don't know what each card sounds like compared to the other so I'm just curious if any one can recommend something for around the $30 mark. Like I said I've never had a problem with the SB so that seems like a good way to go considering all the features it comes with. I've bought 2 so far and have had no problems. Is there really a Aureal card worth looking at?

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  3. I have run a SB live Value for over 2 years now in several different PC's and it has never given me any problems, if installed properly. I highly recommend it for your set up.

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  4. Hey, if your avoiding VIA then you might as well pick up an 8830 card. The Aureal 8830 (aka Vortex2) only has problems with VIA chipsets. The drivers were never finished for Win2k, but the 9x drivers work well, as do the XP drivers (which might be backwards compatable with Win2k). Hard part about putting the XP drivers on Win2k would be actually <i>getting</i> them. They are integrated into the O.S.
    I have an Aureal SQ-2500. Turtle beach also made on (the Montego II I believe), and Diamond had the MX300. There are also generic cards with it. They all sound great and require very little overhead.

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  5. BTW, I think the 8830 cards are the only ones that can produce <i>accurate</i> 3 dimensional sound from 2 speakers (the sub is non directional and doesn't count). Aureal did a HUGE amount of research back in the day that studied how sounds were modified as they hit the ear. The Vortex2 chip makes these sound modifications in HARDWARE, so you get the affect of hearing someone sneak up behind you in a game, even though there are no speakers behind you! Because speakers, ears, etc, vary, they include a 3D Demo program and a fader program that allows an individual to tweek the card to his personal taste.

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