Will the FX 4100 bottleneck with Radeon HD7770 Crossfire?

Will the FX 4100 bottleneck with Radeon HD7770 Crossfire?
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  1. Not at all. Not even close.
  2. No it will be fine. Bulldozer CPU's only bottlenecked high-end video cards like the 6970 (at it's time), 570/580 (at the time before 600 and 7000 series were released) and would have trouble with the newer generation of high-end cards like the 7970 ot 670/680.
  3. Just to bump this up with a question. I am currently using an FX-4100 with HD 6770. Is it advisable to upgrade my gpu to hd7790 or the new r7 260x? Would it bottle neck the cpu? Or else I am thinking of getting a FX-6000 or FX-8000 series. Any suggestions and comments?
  4. you will be fine with a 7790
  5. What about the r7 260x? Will it bottleneck my cpu or it wont? Because the price is almost similar to each other. In my country its like a RM30 difference..
  6. Going to purchase a R7 260X gpu. Lol. Thanks for the comments guys. :)

  7. Update. Please close this thread. I have purchased an R9 270. :D Cheers. Thanks for the information guys. ;)
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