Sapphire 7970 OC Factory Cooler needed!

I am in need of some help. I bought a Sapphire 7970 OC version from newegg and UPS brought it to me broken. My stupid self decided to use it and it worked okay... until now. A part of the reference cooler is cracked and broken but that is the ONLY part. Newegg rejected my RMA and I only have Sapphire to go to since UPS refused the claim (even though it was their dumb asses that broke it). What I need is an intact reference cooler that I can switch out so they don't refuse for a broken part. If anybody can link me to where I can buy one, or if someone wants to give me their old one that would be awesome. I also have an arctic cooling VGA cooler ready for my 7970, and I am willing to trade for the factory cooler. Otherwise, I am out $480 which really ruins my day.
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  1. If its just the cooler that's broken, and not the card, you can just buy a aftermarket cooler and install that. I am surprised that newegg refused your ram though
  2. If UPS broke the card then you need to contact Newegg and tell them that. Newegg is the company that pays UPS, not you.
  3. The biggest problem is that I had it past two weeks before I RMA'd. More than likely if I did it before then, I would be okay. I talked to newegg and they said since it was past two weeks it was my fault the card had damage. And I do have an aftermarket cooler, but the card just died yesterday. So no point installing the cooler. I need to have it sent back :/
  4. yeah.. good luck with sapphire man. only option you have left
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