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Evga gtx 550 ti or somthing else?

So I've been looking around for a video card, so I hop on amazon and newegg. On both sites the number 1 rated video card is this one, the Evga gtx 550 ti with 1 gb ram. Should I go for this one or should I go for another? I'm looking for a card around 100-150$.

Can you guys take a sec to rate this card from 1-10? Thanks.

This wil be running on a i5 3570k with 8gb ram and a 7200 rpm hd with a
60 gb ssd. No bottlenecks here right?
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  1. hey for 160$ you can easily get a hd 6870 and no need to worry you get dirt 3 free which makes it a sweet deal-
    its much better than agtx 550 ti which is acrap card even hd 6770 beats it in most applications i would rate it a 4
    also plz tell us what power supply you have
  2. I would rather have the 6770 over the 550Ti. For 140, you can get the Radeon HD6850, which is faster than the 550Ti. Its not the best gaming card there is, I would give it a 3-4.

    Here is a much nicer card:

    And like the 6870, it comes with Dirt 3 for free.
  3. Get any card but the 550 ti because it is over priced and will not give you what you are looking for in gaming I know I have two of them. Biggest mistake in my life so don't make the same one. The 6770 is the same card as the 5770 to every point the only difference is the numbers.

    I will link some bench marks for all the cards vs the other cards. So it will be the same in the bench mark.

    6770 vs 6870

    550 Ti vs 6770

    550 Ti vs 6870

    550 ti vs 6850

    550 Ti = 3
    6770 = 5
    6850 = 7
    6870 = 8
    Out of the cards talked about. Good luck to you.
  4. Will it matter that I run a amd gpu in a intel CPU? Will it result in deceased performance than compared to an amd system?
  5. It wouldnt effect the performance to have an AMD card on an Intel system.

    I have a 2500K with a Radeon HD6950, and it runs fine.
  6. The only time I would worry about that would be when I see a MOBO that is only built for AMD components only. I have seen MOBO's that only support cross fire and that goes for CPU's as well.

    But a MOBO that has a intel CPU and has a GPU that is AMD or the other way around. Will not decrease in performance at all Both nVidia and AMD are good cards and no matter what you choose you will be happy.

    I myself like nVidia cards but some of AMD's cards are just plain just awesome. It just matters is how much can you afford and which card gets the better bench marks. Then it is the brand.

    I like EVGA, XFX, and MSI to start with being the top three. It also is just a matter of opinion as to which other people think. Those cards in someone else's mind could be the 3 worst. Good luck to you.
  7. Ok so if you guys has 100-150$ to spend on a card, what would it be? Don't go above 150, because lower is better. I'm aiming for a 800-900$ pc as of now.
  8. One of my buddies has 550 Ti and he can play Skyrim on Ultra with a bunch of HD mods. I am using a GTX 570 and it is more than enough.
  9. Aleonris said:
    One of my buddies has 550 Ti and he can play Skyrim on Ultra with a bunch of HD mods. I am using a GTX 570 and it is more than enough.

    Very unlikely, well at a low resolution that's possible.

    I use my 550ti to fold :) [:lutfij:4]
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    The 6850 is the best choice for that price. Better than the 550Ti for sure (no offense DM186)
  11. It's not really that bad of a card :)
  12. I don't take any kind of offense because I happen to agree with you and I always go around and tell people not to buy these cards I know for shure amuffin knows that because we have the same GPU.

    And he has seen me on here and how I warn people. Even as bad of a rep these cards get for the type of gaming I do they work just fine. I won't play BF3 on anything but low and even then it does not play well.

    When my son played it he said it sucked. I don't play those kind of games anyway just RPG and Straegy and these cards do very well. Like Shogun 2 I play on ultra with everything turned on to max.

    I get 30fps on the campain map and 60 to 80 fps in the battle map. Temps are around 76c tops. They just are not good for games like BF3 and others like it. But OP get the 6850 is the best choice for the money and Good luck to you.
  13. Thx guys I think I'll go with the sapphire 6850. Although I've read their mail in rebates are kind of sketchy, anyone else ever had to do a sapphire rebate before?
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