Gaming System - Parts, Help, compatibility?

Essentially, I'd like to run games like ArmA 3 on high settings (1920x1080 pref). That said, I've more or less figured out a build that all indications are should do the job well.

I am, however, having some difficulty tracking down some parts.
If somebody could recommend a PSU that could power this system, that'd be fantastic. Additionally, does anyone know if the corsair ram might be an issue? Corsair is a solid brand (so I've heard) but this ram is a bit high-profile (so I've heard) - is it likely to collide with other parts?

Additionally, how do the specs look? Will they accomplish what I'm looking to do? << System in question. Notice missing PSU.

Welcome to any other suggestions. Except SSD. I'll upgrade that later if I feel the need for one.

Also, compatibility is obviously quite important. If I could just get some yeah's or nay's on that, that'd be fantastic.

I don't mind paying too much extra for brand quality. Also, would it be worth getting an i7? I've heard the hyperthreading can be problematic for games.
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  1. Firstly, re i7. There is nothing wrong with i7. It's just that there's no benefit to having i7, unless you want to run professional quality photographic or design software.
    Your build, as it is , is very good. Slip in something like a 128 GB Samsung 830 SSD, and you will be well set up. It is definitely worth getting one.
    Regarding PSU. You need at least 550W. It is probably best to have 600W, or 650W, to give yourself some scope, and for future upgrades. I take it you are in Canada. The best quality PSU, at a sensible price, there, would appear to be the Corsair HX650. It is available either in modular, or non-modular form, with little difference in price. Obviously the modular is easier for a neat installation.
    Good luck with your build.
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