New Gaming Build, What do you think?

i5 3570k
corsair h80i liquid cooling
8gb corsair vengeance (8-8-8-24) (2x4gb 1600mhz)
gigabyte z77x-ud5h (wifi, intel 7 series)
xfx double d 7970 ghz 3gb
corsair ax 860 (80 plus platinum)
cooler master haf 932 advanced atx case
seagate barracuda 2tb 7200 rpm hdd
samsung dvd 24x drive

What do you guys think about this setup for primarily? I might be getting another 7970 ghz to crossfire later on or get dual 8870s or something when the new 8800s come out, I wanted a good motherboard and power supply, they are very important to me.
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  1. That's an amazing set up you have there, don't worry about doing CrossFireX, you're gonna be good for a LONG time with a 7970.
  2. Very nice, I have an i5 cpu aswell but mine is not a K series so it is not overclockable, get yourself an aftermarket cooler, or even liquid cooling, and overclock that puppy! hahaha

    One thing you could do do increase the speed of your pc overall is get an SSD for a boot drive and use that 2tb for games and programs, I.E. Storage :)
  3. Thanks, I will be getting the Corsair H80i Liquid Fan/Heatsink with the CPU. I forgot to add that. Thanks again.
  4. Very nice setup good sir. I agree with previous post that an SSD would be nice, but ultimately you can add that later if you choose.

    I wish I could upgrade my CPU now (Sigh).
  5. Yeah, I had an SSD, doesn't really help me in gaming much anyway, I will get it later.
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