Wierd Temp Spike

So i recently built my new desktop and have been stress testing the cpu. I monitor the temps through CoreTemp and HWMonitor. During the Stress test's the temps are around 60 but every 10-30 seconds it spikes to 80 than drops back to 60. Is this a glitch with the software/temp sensor or is it possible a poor installation on my part?

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  1. I would guess glitch, if only a quick spike your fine 60° C on stress test is great.
  2. Try updating your bios and making sure everything is up to date, including using the latest versions of coretemp and hwmon.

    When in doubt, trust the mobo software. 3rd party is sometimes not the best.
  3. Well, When i get home from work i am going to check what Asus's Program says. I thought when i was stress testing the Asus program was showing like 60's but it doesn't break down into each core.
  4. do both programs show this spike?
  5. yes
  6. wow then that kinda leaves a software error out of the picture.
    What cooling are you running?
    Any overclock?
  7. Water cooled. I had it at 4.8 but now dropped to the preset 4.6ghz. My temps seem normal now without any spikes but i was wondering why the Asus cpu temp is so much different from the HWmontior and CoreTemp. My theory about the possible spike is that there were some left over air bubbles in my loop that were possible causing the consistent spikes.

  8. Hehehe. Thats the same thing I was thinking as soon as you said watercooling...
  9. Would you by chance know why the Asus Temps are so much different from the other programs?
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