GTX 550ti??

Is the GTX 550ti a good gaming card @ 1440x900??
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  1. Yes. But the HD6870 would be a better option.
  2. I was definitely going for an HD 6870/GTX 560.
    I was just asking.
    Also how FPS will I get from the GTX 550ti on Battlefield 3 at 1440x900??
  3. Not sure, it depends on what settings you play.

  4. Well, I was looking at the card because of its price range. I'm now looking forward to buy a better card anyways.
    @bartholomew I'm gonna play on ultra with aa.
  5. HD 6870/GTX 560
    Price range I would say not more or less than the cards I listed above.
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  7. Sure, sir.
    I saw some videos maxing out BF3 on those cards at 1080p and they did well.
    45 FPS average :/
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