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Okay so, me and my friend are pretty competitive with our computers, my question is, whos build is better? :) I will list both specs of the pcs below :D

My specs:
Intel core i5 2320 @ 3.00ghz (Turbo) 3.3ghz
MSI Radeon hd 6950 twin frozr III power edition 1gb (shaders unlocked to 6970's)
16 gb viper Patriot memory @ 1866mhz
650 watt antec psu
Asrock z75 pro 3 motherboard
intel 510 series 120gb ssd
2 seagate 7200rpm drives 1tb & 500gb (Haven't tried RAID yet, if I even can)

His Specs:
AMD FX-8150 8 core / 3.6GHz (base), 3.9GHz (CPU Turbo), 4.2GHz (Max Turbo)
Sapphire radeon 6950 2gb (non unlocked shaders)
8gb kingston hyper X memory (1600mhz)
600W corsair psu (blue L.E.D.)
GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3 AM3+ AMD 990FX SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard

2 750gb laptop drives @ 5400rpm (LOL)
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  1. Raw gaming power yours but not by much because similar GPU's and yours is only 1GB which rules out eye candy at high resolutions.
    Multitasking his!
  2. Thanks for the feedback :) I have one more quick question, would it be worth it if I upgraded to a 2500k series i5 to be able to overclock? or should I just stick with my 2320?
  3. The I5 is a better CPU in the long run, whether it is worth it is up to you to decide but remember that more and more games are going to come out supporting multiple threads.
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