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so am going to start my first build in the next week or so and have not picked out a GPU yet, i keep hearing good things about the 6850 and the 6870, but can not decide. Not very tech savy so am trying to learn. are these good cards for skyrim, BF3 GTA V on high and ultra settings? Or are there any other cards out there that am not aware of? want to spend around 125-175 for the GPU. Will all these parts work with each other? What would you Change? Here are the specs for the system i want to build, thanks for all the help!!







Optical Drive-

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  1. If you list the part then people are more apt to help then if they have to follow 10 links to see what you have.

    For video cards this is a great reference.,3107.html

    Post also resolution of your monitor and number of monitors. The best card for 1080p is not the right card for a three monitor setup.

    NOTE: Win 8 is coming very very soon. The upgrade from win7 to win8 is $40 unless you copy of win7 comes with a free upgrade. I would not buy win7 at $100 now without the free win8.
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