Upgraded cpu, games are lagging all of a sudden

two days ago i replaced my old athlon 64 x2 4200+ with a 6000+ @ 3.1Ghz. From that point on my games are experiencing laging periods each 10 seconds or so, with fps droping down to 3-5. And im not talking about some graphic heavy games, im talking about league of legends, which was running prefectly great with my old 4200+. Could anyone tell me what the problem might be? HWmonitor is telling me the core temps were hitting 63c while i was playing and they run at 40-44c while idle. Is this too much?
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  1. This happened to me when i upgraded my pc. I had the exact same problem. The fix i found was the OS. I was using Windows xp and apparently my new cpu (Athlon ii x3 450) wasnt running too well with it. I upgraded my OS to Windows 7 and games then ran great. You can try a newer os to see if that helps. I also notice the temps on your processor are a little high. High temps could also possibly be the problem. so, try leaving the case open or do anything to help the airflow in your computer, maybe even getting a new heatsink or case. Hope this helps :)
  2. Well, I,m currently running Windows 7, and i don't suppose upgrading to Windows 8 would help :). My case is opened, and i don't actually have a good heatsink on it, some asus cheap cooler atm. But my question is could these temeratures be responsible for such hard lags for a game simple as LoL? I mean i know temps around 65c aren't that great, but still... i even tried to reduce ingame graphics to low, and it still happens.
    Fps drops down to 3-5 and it stays like this for about 10 seconds, then it gets back to 45-50 again for 10 seconds and the cycle repeats. I played daksiders 2, same scenario.

    Could formatting and reinstalling windows help solve this problem? Or is it really about temperatures?

    In case this helps, i run xfx hd radeon 5670 1gb ddr3 ram passive cooling, asus M3N78-EH mobo, 4 gb of ram. But like I said, I had all of this with my old 4200+ and never had any problems, i played Skyrim on very high settings with this with a resolution of 1920x1080.

    Is it possible that the OS has problems with the new cpu dropping in on it so i have to re-write it ?
  3. Temps are way high for that cpu , what cooler you using ? Maybe clean off the old paste and try doing it over ?
    The stock cooler is not great to start with but your temps are high even for a stock cooler , should be 28-35 idle and below 60 stressed ,though mine ran in the 60's when all cores were stressed @100% running WCG B O I N C , had to turn it down to 70% on the cores with the stock cooler .
    Try changing the paste , see if it helps
  4. Tried the paste, used the "grain of rice method". Coolermaster paste. HWmonitor says current core temps are 41 core0, 45 core1. Max was 53 core0 57 core1. Cpu usage is around 15% atm
  5. Anyway, you think these temperatures are the reason for the lags? Couldn't be a different problem? Just so I know should I rush for a new heatsink...

    But like jerry6 said, the temps are a bit to high even for a stock cooler...

    And just a tought, when i re-applied the paste, i didnt clean the cpu or the sink with alcohol...i just udes the spatula provided. Could that be the reason it's not getting cooled enough?
  6. You should clean the old paste of really well , they have FAQ on how and what to use , that could be the problem
  7. Well I'll go to the store and get some alcohol first thing tomorow and try out the paste again...If that doesn't work I'll get back here for some more advice.

  8. Make and model of the motherboard? Are you certain the newer CPU is supported by the board? Did you update to the newest BIOS before updating and the newest motherboard drivers after?

    Temps are not great but not high enough to kick in thermal throttling.
  9. That's a good point , make sure the chip is supported , also is it a higher watt than the old chip ? 95 watt or 125 ?
  10. http://vfiles.cizgi.com.tr/cizgi/pms_dosya/96/m3n78eh_en.pdf

    Here's the mobo manual...says it supports athlon 64 x2 cpus

    Bios is not the latest, i have the 0403 version, the list of updates is here along with the changes


    I'll try to flash it today see does it make any progress, but one question here. Can I flash the bios with the new cpu inside?

    As for the watt issue, the new cpu is 89 watts

    and the old one was also 89 watts
  11. Just like I thought the CPU is not compatible with the board.


    A BIOS update will not help. It's always a good idea to check the supported CPU list before trying any upgrades even if you think something "should" work.
  12. Edit: http://support.asus.com/cpusupport/list.aspx?SLanguage=en&m=M3N78-EH&p=1

    hmmmm...actually it isn't on the supported cpu list..so thats probably it right?
  13. hehe...we found it in the same time...anyway thanks for all the help guys, especialy anort3

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