Problem with 9600GT.

I recently upgraded my XFX 8600GT to a MSI N9600GT TD512-OC.
So the first thing I did was to play Saints Row 3, and there comes what this topic is all about... SURPRISINGLY when playing Saints Row 3, the GPU load was only 30-50% and I think I am getting lower FPS than I should.
Might this be a problem with the drivers? I got the latest drivers yesterday, which were 301.42. Should I get some older driver?

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  1. What is your CPU, RAM and PSU??
  2. CPU: C2D E6600 @ 2.62GHz
    RAM: 4GB Crucial 1066MHz DDR3
    PSU: Ordi(must be some other manufacturer) 350W

    All the PSU calculators I have used show that this is more than enough.
  3. Have you tried another game???
  4. Will test tomorrow, dont have time today :)
  5. Well I suggest you test another game the see what's your GPU temprature.
  6. Tested DOD:S, maxed out, temperatures are max 63C. And the gpu load is usually 80-90%, sometimes drops to 50-60%. Depends on map and location.
    Also tested Fallout: New Vegas, high settings 1280x1024, temperatures are max 63C aswell. GPU load is 80-90%, sometimes drops to 60% for a sec.

  7. IT IS LIKE THIS ALMOST ALL THE TIME, 5 fps increase compared to 8600gt ffs.
  8. Welp, seems like my CPU is the bottleneck now. It goes to 99% in like every 10 seconds. I tried medium / high settings, but those have a max fps of 30 aswell.
  9. If changing resolution does not change anything, your CPU is the issue as you already found out. Although a 9600Gt is a pretty old card also.
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