HD6850 ok for corsair CX430 and minecraft

Running a i5 2500, Corsair CX430, 8Gb RAM, single sata HD, windows 7.

Don't need high-end graphics, but ability to run minecraft 1600x1200/1080 widescreen with full/far rendering, HD texture packs, plus a half-decent quality Starcraft 2.

For the price, etc I'm drawn to the HD6850 (about £90, which is my max). I looked at the 550ti and the 560SE but this seemed better.

Will it work with my psu, I'm worried about it only being 430w, and am I overkill with the graphics for my humble needs?

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  1. yes it will work but mind you , you wont be able to overclock it!
  2. thanks.

    I keep reading random forums and stuff where people keep saying ATI drivers are a bit crap and sometimes cripple performance or are buggy.

    Is this really the case? if so, I'll opt for the GTX 550ti.
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