Is my PSU safe to use for my GTX 570?

I made a thread before regarding if my PSU is ok for my GPU but i can't find it

Anyway i'm concerned if my Cougar CMX 700w can really safely handle my EVGA GTX 570?

I ask because according to eVGA i need 38A on the 12v rail but my Cougar although bronze certified only has 30A so is it safe to continue using my PSU?
its been over a month and i haven't noticed anything wrong with my GPU it can run Skyrim at Max with no issues but i can't help but be worried.

I do plan to change my PSU to a Corsair but atm i'm broke lol

Any help will be appreciated :)
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  1. A total of 38 amps is reccomended, doesn't have to be on one rail
  2. Oh i see! wow you learn something everyday w/c is why i love this forum :)

    Thanks guys!!!
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