I5 3570k temps/airflow/overclocking

Hey here are my main components:
Case: Nzxt Phantom w/ 7 fans:
(3) 120mm
(3) 200mm
(1) 140mm

CPU: i5 3570k
CPU Cooler: coolmaster evo w/ 120mm fan
RAM: Kingston hyperx 4x4 16 GB 2400 Mhz
HDD: (2) 1 TB's
PSU: 700w
MOBO: Sabertooth z77 w/ 2 asst fans

I have a few questions:
1. My idle temps are 19-21C, im wondering what the max should be, ive seen people say they've run there's to 85-90 but online I read 67.4 is the max the CPU should be at. I wondering how hot is too hot. Should I be scared at 40 degrees or 80??

2. Also I have 1 120mm fan in the rear 2 200m fans on top those are all exhaust. I have a 140mm infront, 2 120mm's on the right side, along with a 2omm which are all intake. The CPU fan is facing the hard drive bays but cant tell which way the air I being blown it feels like both directions?? Im wondering if that is a good airflow setup with my fans?

3. Now for overclocking ive gotten t to 4.4 and haven't tried any higher the idle speeds are identical to stock. What stress tests should I do ive heard prime95 is a good one, and how long should I run the tests for?

Thanks, any help would be awesome and very helpful!
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  1. Anything past mid 60's under normal load (gaming and such ) I would start worrying.
    Yes that is fine airflow.
    Prime 95 is good if it runs for an hour you are good, temps will be higher than normal load.
  2. Thanks for the help and reassurance!
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