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Best graphics card?

I'm looking into buying a Radeon HD 6670 2gb for my pc and was wondering if it is good enough for high to medium settings at a resolution of 1920x1200.
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  1. what games are you trying to play? for the most demanding games, the 6670 will pull medium at best at that resolution
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    In the most demanding games (Crysis 2, BF3), you'll need something at the 6850 level for 60fps on medium settings.
  3. Definetly! That is a good graphics card, but I would recommend the GTX 580 ti if you have the money. It is amazing for gaming even on highest settings. But if you are on a budget, the 6670 is just fine. Hope I helped!
  4. 560* Ti
    No, a 560 Ti won't get you decent fps on the highest settings. A decent card, yes. Capable of maxing the most demanding games, no.
  5. thanks for all the replies, i ended up going with a hd6850
  6. cool, best of luck!
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