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Upgrading from 5770

I previously had an AMD HD5770 until it failed on me, so I borrowed a HD6670 from a mate who was building their own computer. Unfortunately, I'm now at day 27 of having to use this GPU, and my procrastination hasn't much helped me.

Anyway, I've been looking at getting a newer GPU, but I'm not entirely sure what I should get (being new to this doesn't help). I'd like to get back to recording games (FRAPS + BF3, Skyrim, WoW, etc.) at around 1776x1000 and producing the footage through Sony Vegas 10. I'm not entirely sure what I can pay (yet), but my highest *guess* is a maximum of $200-$250 after rebates + Shipping. The sooner I could get a new GPU, the better.

Current system specs:
MB: MSI P55-CD53 (1 PCI-E x16 2.0 lane)
PSU: Corsair GS700 (obviously 700w)
CPU: Intel i5 650 @3.2GHz
RAM: Crucial 16GB DDR3
GPU: (Placeholder) Diamond Radeon HD 6670
OS: Windows 7 x64

If there is anything else I should upgrade / change in my current setup, say something :).
Also, happy 4th of July.
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    HD6870 = GTX560 < HD6950 = GTX560Ti < HD7850 are all cards you could look at
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    nWell you were faster than expected! Thanks for including the source link. I'll have to do some math with excel and the % upgrade per $ before I make a final choice, but that certainly provided nearly everything I could need. :D
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