Which CPU?

Basically what I will be doing is the usual games (LoL, SC2 and maybe other games), iTunes, Netflix, Web-browsing and programming

I want this to be durable and last awhile.

So the big question is AMD FX-8350 $200 or Intel Core i5 3570k $220

I have heard that the AMD is more future proof because of the eight-cores i'm assuming (not sure if that is true)

But which one will be better for the things listed above and will last longer (future proof)

Thank you for your help! :D
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  1. Even though the FX CPU does have 8 cores its not as power efficient and it's just not as powerful as the 3570k. Yes, the 8 cores aren't supported in most things so as other things progress it will preform better but it will still be lacking. I would go with the 3570k because they are more power efficient and it's hyper threaded so for the most part it preforms like a 8 core CPU.
  2. +1^
    Unless you have apps that specifically require more than 4 cores, the i5 will be a far better choice. At gaming, the i5 will generally outperform the FX 8-core.
  3. Alright, thank you both for your help. It is appreciated
  4. The i5 for desktop processors do not have hyper threading. Having said that, as a computer salesperson who sells probably 1k-1.5k processors a year, go with the i5. It's a 4 core, but each core can do SO much more than the bulldozer can.

    Having said that, I'm not saying bulldozer is slow.
  5. Ok looks like i5 is the unanimous decision
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