My computer keeps restarting

So computer keeps restarting randomly and im really not sure whats wrong.
First of all my specs: intel core i7-980x black
Asus rampage extreme III
Corsair vengeance ram 32gb
Mushkin ssd 128gb(boot and core)
Western Digital 2gb hard drive(storage and games)
Thermaltake TPG-1200M (1200W) powersupply
2 Evga GTX 680's
Everything is liquid cooled.
So far the information I have gathered is that my computer will abruptly restart if im using a game. I disabled the auto restart expecting to get a BSOD but no the computer simply restarted. Sometimes it restarts but wont start up again and sounds almost as if its an engine reving up. I immediately thought overheating I observed the temperatures while in a game.
This is what i got
Processor Temperature readings Min Max
Core 0# 37C 35C 45C
Core 1# 40C 37C 47C
Core 2# 42C 40C 49C
Core 3# 41C 33C 43C
Core 4# 44C 41C 51C
Core 5# 38C 35C 44C

My Gcard's temps were at 22-25C idle and maxed out at 32C.

So yeah i have no idea whats wrong i have run a ram test each piece was tested individually and its fine. Can it be my power supply, any ideas or suggestions.
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  1. OOOH SHEET. SOMETHING BE HEATING UP BRAH! tried changing ram slots? fresh install of windows might do the trick ;)
  2. Sorry for my last reply. It's kinda weird that you're running on 1200W and yet you're still experiencing random restarts. Just like what, haider95 said, have your windows installed again and let's see what we can do about it.
  3. Sudden restarts like you describe are often power supply related. I would try a test unit if you have one.
  4. Go buy a good PSU. ;)
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