SEASONIC x650 gold high pitch coil whine - normal?

Hello all i just recieved my new seasonic x650 gold. SO far i really love it (minues the noise) the modularity is nice the build quality is excelent and its very silent. But after when i first got it it was silent then a few hours later i turned ti off and turned it back on from installing something it started doing this squeal very noisy. When i turn it off again and turn it back on it stops. But now that doesnt do anything it does it every time you turn it on. I know its a psu becuause i had a thermal take in before and its was dead silent, i have it back it now and still is :) But My question is since im about to pay 20 bucks to ship it back for an rma is that normal? Will i get another noisy one? i heard this was common and before i pay to ship it back i want to know anyone with a 650x if it makes noises
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  1. No it is not normal.
  2. does it matter im using a massive 650 without a graphics card though? i plan on saving for a radeon 7970 so i got this which has more than enough power. Im thinking on my thermal take 430 (which came off a different computer than my custom build now) is less power so more is wasted on a 650 so the noise is the power that is not used and the caps are vibrating or somthing
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    No it does not work that way, the PSU only puts out and pulls from the wall/efficiency the amount the components need.
  4. i understand that the max amps on mine is 54 but with my card i will only use 38 amps but i just wanted to be sure but thanks
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  6. Hi
    how have you got the fan mounted , Or should I say how did you have the fan mounted /
    Is your psu at the bottom of the case with fan facing up or
    is the case bottom vented with fan facing down.
    or is the psu situated top of case
    is hybrid switch set to fanless mode
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