Comptuer wont turn back on after being shut down after quitting left 4 dead2

GA-F2A55M-HD2 Socket FM2 A55 mATX AMD Motherboard
Corsair 2x4gb vengence
seagate 500gb hdd
600 wat thermaltake psu
amd a10-5800k cpu

I was playing l4d2 after 1 hour and i quit then the whole comptuer turns off, i cant turn it back on idk wats causing it if its the cpu or psu or mobo/ram. comptuer wont turn on
had it for atleast 2 months

I do not use a gpu, i use the gpu from the processor

it turns on for a second and turns back off now
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  1. Hi, It might be a power supply issue. There's a test: . Connect a fan to the molex, short the pins and check if the fan does spin.
    If it does, then connect back the power cables, leave only one RAM stick installed, disconnect all SATA HDDs but the DVD drive and test again.
  2. Its 2 months old and has a 1 year warranty. Call them and let them diagnose it.
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