HELP! will my motherboard support the GTX 550 TI

Hey i dont think my motherboard has a pci express x16, does this mean i cant use the gtx 550ti?
Here are my motherboard specs. I know its integrated but i can always disable to get the new one.
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  1. According to the specs, it is a PCI-E x1 slot. Unfortunately, the motherboard cannot use the GTX 550 Ti.
  2. Thanks, but can i not just use the pci-e x1 which means less potential of the GTX is used? or can i just get an adapter?
  3. instead of the full x16?
  4. You can't put the x16 card in an x1 slot. It physically will not fit, and if it did, it would be a massive waste of a 550Ti, even if it isnt the best gaming card out there.

    There are options for you my friend, but they are very limited and probably not suited for gaming at all:
  5. thanks for the fast responses.
  6. I have never seen one of those before.

    Either way, you still would not be getting the full performance of the high end graphics card you choose. Sure it might work, but not to the fullest potential.

    See, the way a higher end GPU works is that it processes and renders video and such, and then sends it to the motherboard.

    Think of it like a highway. A regular graphics card on a regular motherboard has 16 lanes, that's 16 lanes that the card could possibly sent the data down through.

    Now take that adapter you just posted. Say the card would still be sending data through 16 lanes, but then the adapter is trying to put that data through only 1 lane, so in a sense, the 16 lane highway is being crunched down to 1, hence slowing down the transfer rate to a crawl.
  7. Yeah i've only recently found out what that was.

    The reason i wanted to get a new graphics card was to play diablo 3.

    However i realised my graphics card was the fault as i am running of an integrated chip. So then I looked into a card, which had to have 16 laner + the 400w. So i needed a new power supply.

    In the end i guess i need a new motherboard and powersupply AND a graphics card. Gotta love those cheap desktops :D Thanks for the help anyway!
  8. look for combos, I know you can get a new Board, PSU, GPU and CPU for +/- 200 bucks here in the usa if you shop around.
  9. I thought the cpu comes with the board :D?
  10. The CPU is seperate from the motherboard.

    What kind of computer do you have now? If you do it right, you can usually get an Intel Celeron G530 and a cheap motherboard for like $100, that would support a much better graphics card. I have a G530, and I play Diablo 3 on it fine.

    You could also use the old CPU and RAM that you have now, and just replace the motherboard. Sometimes this is a little harder because of the replacing of the CPU part, but its really not that hard.
  11. Processor : AMD Athlon II X2 245 2.9 Ghz,
    integrated shitty graphics radeon 3000

    .im sure you dont want to know the monitor etc...

    I dont really know what else you would like to know?

    I think the main thing is getting a 400w PSU to support a new GPU, and a new motherboard. I mean do they have to come with a CPU and a processor already with it when i buy it? And are all CPU's and processors compatible with any motherboard?

    Im sorry for all these questions, its just i dont want to spend money without getting any value for it.
  12. What you could do is find a cheap AM3 motherboard with your power supply, and then you would be able to support a better video card.

    Not all processors are compatible with all motherboards. There are various different types of sockets for Intel and AMD. Yours seems to be an AM3, so you can only get a motherboard that has an AM3 slot (well you could get an AM2+, but thats stupid. You could also get an AM3+, but thats more expensive)

    Here is an example of a board you could potentially use for cheap that would still work:

    Another path you could take is to get a whole new processor and motherboard. The G530 is a cheap processor, and most of the motherboards that can work with it are cheap as well.
  13. i will take a look at my machine tomorrow and see if the layout of the motherboard would suit the shell etc. Thanks for the support and i will keep you updated on what i decided to go with ofcourse. if i got any questions, mind if I message you?
  14. Sure, go for it. I might forget to check it, but go ahead anyway.

    EDIT: I'll make sure to check it.
  15. :D nice edit... Here is my current PSU:

    It is all low quality hardware as I bought the tower as a whole, this is my first time customising any hardware, i need these connecters for the DVD drive, HDD etc (sata).

    Could you help finding a PSU under say $60, give or take. Which has enough sata connectors (im not sure what else it connects to), and since it will be a new motherboard i dont know what else i would need, - compatible with the 550 TI and the Asus M5A78L-M/USB3 Motherboard (Socket AM3+, Up to 16GB DDR3, USB 3.0, uATX)

    I believe it has to be 400w +. But the width has to be under 14cm as my tower is tiny. I will keep looking as well, please help me with all these connectors etc :)
  16. 14cm in width
  17. nvm about the width, the ruler i used was shi*
  18. Sunius said:

    and is that compatible with the motherboard and the gpu mentioned earlier? i cant seem to find the size details if you could tell me?
  19. How bout this? :

    Is this compatible with the previous and good?
  20. Both of them are compatible. Dimensions of the one I linked are:

    150mm(W) x 86mm(H) x 140mm(L)
  21. ok well, i did order an asus mobo and this PSU you suggested, lets hope it works well! Im worried that if i open the cases to find out there is something missing or i cannot connect a certain piece etc.

    I will get the delivery tomorrow, is it easy to adjust the back of the tower if something does not fit. For example the old PSU has no powerswitch, but the new one does. So should i make space or ignore it? and im sure the mobo wont have the same layout?
  22. Case pins might not match on motherboard, but that's easy to fix. Check this video:

    And don't worry about power supply. It will fit, it's standard size.
  23. Ok ok, thats great to know, i actually watched the 40 minutes :D, anyway, i will take apart my computer tomorrow when i get the delivery and see how it goes, i will let you know the result and ask questions if i happen to forget something.

    Thanks again for everyones help. Now i gotta find a screwdriver for these unbelievable tiny bolts.

    And lastly, what is the alternative to rubbing alcohol when replacing the thermal paste?
  24. I personally use isopropyl alcohol
  25. I use whatever alcohol I can really find in my house. Not like beer or anything, but anything that works is what I use. Usually it comes down to rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol.
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