Computer shuts off and wont boot up anymore

Hello there.
Before deciding to post here, i read alot about simillar issues but all of those that i found are either outdated threads or slightly different from my problem.

So my girlfriend bought new computer (she got it like 5 days ago). It worked fine until today, after playing Left 4 Dead 2 (before making this thread i noticed that someone has almost exactly the same issue as her!) computer randomly shut off and wouldnt boot anymore. Since its her very first desktop and she doesnt know anything about hardwares, she cant make a proper troubleshoot (and im out of the country at the moment). She doesnt want to go inside the case to troubleshoot either, so yeah... Anyway i asked her to do atleast some basic things like removing cords and booting up only with power cord on but that didnt do any good. Changed outlets too with no avail.
Im about 80% sure that it is most likely failing power supply, but im the kind of person that prefers to know for sure before making decisions. Is there Anything she could do to try and see if PSU is really the cause of the issue? She will use the warranty and everything, but it will be very costy (shipping is expensive) and takes very long time / sometimes company does a poor job and doesnt fix anything and sends it back DOA.
If i would be 100% sure its PSU, maybe i could convince her that shipping it back takes too long and might not be as reliable as just getting new PSU and replacing that herself (providing all the help that i can). So yeah.. Is there any certain way to determine the cause?

Specs are:
AMD FX 8120
Liquid CPU cooling system [AMD]
8 GB G.Skill Ripjaws X DDR-3 1600
AMD Radeon HD7770
Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3
Corsair CX500 V2 500w
windows 7 64bit

She bought it on ibuypower, if that matters.
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  1. Hi, there's a PSU test: She can also connect a fan or two to the PSU molex connectors when testing. It's not too relevant if the fans do spin, but if they don't, or they start spinning then stop, then she would know it's a PSU issue.
  2. Take out everything but the ram and CPU and harddrive
  3. Dude... its 5 days old. Tell her to return it!
  4. Yeah, she sent it back yesterday. Im just dissapointed that something like that would happen to brand new computer. And sad that i cant be there at the moment to test it myself. And reading through internet doesnt help a bit - there are some horror stories how the whole computer gets sent to the company, then they would send it back and it still would have same problems.. So much wasted time. Anyways thank you for the replies. She didnt dare to even open the case, let alone make some tests and touch some wires, i'll update this when computer will come back and let you guys know what was the issue.
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