How to find reference design cards to buy?

im very confused, when i try to find the price of say a 6850 in its reference design, its literally impossible for me to find one for sale. i think the reference design looks the coolest and although i already have a card, im trying to figure out why these arent for sale when they look the coolest?

i tried finding 6670, 6850, 7970 reference design cards, but i seriously can not find them anywhere? why is this and is there any site that sells them? (i dont need one but im trying to figure out where to find one)
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    This is one of the more "looks like" to the reference model.

    The problem is that the reference model is not sold by company such as Shappire, Asus, HIS, XFX. Mostly because they change sometimes a couple of this as PCB, capacitors, memory and backshield conection interface.

    You can grab a reference looks like models like :

    You should note that those models are made by AMD and set to reviewers and OEM companies, those are in existence are people that resell them as new "oem" items with no box or kind of..
  2. If you're looking for the reference card that's actually made by AMD you'll have a hard time getting your hands on one, for the reasons horaciopz cited. But eBay would be your best shot to find something like that:
  3. yeah lol i checked out that single slot 6850 during my search for the reference model and it is sick! very cool looking, too bad its not 2 dvi ports, and yea i know what oem is :)

    oh well, i guess you cant find them. its a shame because they look amazing

    and nice find on the ebay link, decent price too
  4. They may look cool, but they usually have much worse cooling solutions than what the vendors come up with.
  5. That is very true ^ I have a reference 6950, and while I love it to death and it is awesome, and looks cool as well, it doesnt cool very well and sounds like a jet.
  6. yeah, figures :/
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