Pentium 4 3 0ghz ht pci e ddr2 best graphic card

what graphic card do the best? that support:

- design
- gaming
- video
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  1. ATI Radeon HD7770 is the highest I'd consider going on a CPU from the November 2002 to April 14, 2003 era.

    Your particular Pentium 4 3.0GHz HT may have been released on 14 April, 2003 but there was a faster processor on the market by Christmas 2002.

    PS: You're probably after an AGP 2x/4x card too!
  2. I beleive the last of the best agp cards was a 3850 and a 4670
    Please note that these were desined as pcie gpu's and use a bridge chip to convert to agp so you will need special 'hot fix' drivers if you bother to get them from amd's site (ie - you can't use the normal driver download)
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