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I was wondering if anyone might be able to give me a recommendation on a good bluetooth card for a desktop computer? The device im primarily going to be using it with (a Wiimote) is bluetooth 2.0 i believe, so i don't think i need to have anything above that, right? I was thinking something like one of the ones below:

I don't really need wifi though because my computer is located right next to my router, but it seems most cards come with both. I would prefer a card to a USB dongle so I dont have to sacrifice a USB port, but if there is a strong reason to go with the dongle instead, i would be open to it. Thanks
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    Unless you have a mini pcie slot on your motherbd you only have 1 option I beleive, theres a gigabyte BT card for normal pcie x1 slots.

    your other option is, of course, a BT usb dongle. Please note that if you plug the frikin thing into the back of the pc you will have limited range, especially in areas where the pc case can easily block the signal. Mine would not work from the rear with the pc sitting in arms length of me on the right. I wound up modding my case to add 2 more front usb ports as not to hog my two front usb3 ports with such a lowly device.
  2. Ah, I didn't realize that the card i had mentioned was a mini pcie. It looked pretty similar to the pcie 2.0 1x slot on my motherboard, and i was just hoping thats what it was.

    I had similar signal issues with the logitech dongle in the back of my computer, so im assuming id have to use a front port also. I'll look into that other internal card, but maybe the dongle is the best option. Thanks!
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