Upgrading from Athlon 64 X2

I'm looking to upgrade my Athlon 64 X2 4450E (2.3 GHz) CPU. It's on an M2N-VM HDMI (NVIDIA nForce 630a) GEIA17 motherboard.

I use my system for office, multimedia and moderate gaming. I'd like to upgrade my CPU as far as possible. However, I read in the TH buyer's guide that the AM2 socket is "obsolete" so I'm a bit hesitant. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. There's no significant upgrade for your system. Phenom x4s have not been made for a long time, weren't very.good, and your board only supports a few low end ones. List here


    Its not worth putting any money into. with that platform you need an entire new system
  2. Thanks for your advice unksol, although I'm not very happy with it... means I have to save some more money to configure a whole new system. :??:
  3. You don't need a whole new system, just a new CPU, motherboard and memory. How much money could you put on it?
  4. For a new CPU, I was thinking about €75,- Please clarify: why would I need new memory?
  5. That seems reasonable. Thanks for all the advice, guys!
  6. Pleasure :-) If you can hold off and step up to i3 (or better still, i5), that would be a better purchase. If you're not overclocking, doesn't really matter which i3 or i5 (though avoid the S and T models, they're geared more towards energy efficiency than performance).
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