Will i5 3550 be bottlenecked with 2 7970 ?

Will i5 3550 be bottlenecked with 2 7970 on a Asrock Z77 Extreme 6 board ? I'll have 8gb Corsair vengeance and plan to play games on a 3 monitor setup. Is the CPU weak for the 3 monitor setup ?
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  1. of course not the 7970 is one of the fastest graphics cards in the market and the i5 is one of the best processors for the games
  2. I'm talking about two 7970 crossfired. Is it still fine ?
  3. I think you mean will the i5 bottleneck the 7970's?

    Generally no and if it does then just overclock
  4. I would highly suggest getting the 3570K for the extra $10 with that setup so you have overclocking room to play with if needed down the road.

    But with a 3 monitor setup you shouldn't see a CPU bottleneck. if you did though your only choice would be to overclock, hence the K CPU. There's not really a better CPU for gaming.
  5. Just an FYI Microcenter has the 3570k for $169.99 now and I believ their $50 off a Z77 mobo is still going on. If there is one close by you can't beat that deal. To answer your question though no, the 3550 is powerful enough for 7970cf.
  6. On a 3 monitor set-up the GPUs will still be the bottleneck 92% of the time.
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