Will a USB keyboard and mouse work with a new build?

Hi guys, This may seem stupid and probably has a simple answer but here goes, Im getting a custom built PC in a few days with windows installed on it, but im using a USB keyboard and mouse. Will I actually be able to get onto my computer desktop with a USB keyboard and mouse because normally USB components dont get detected until the desktop has loaded and then the software gets installed? :pt1cable: Have I got the complete wrong idea here or will my USB components work fine? Thanks for the help in advance. :D
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  1. it will work fine.
  2. USB-Mouse- and -keyboard-Support are part of the Bios or UEFI. In modern MBs even USB-HDD are supported as boot devices. So yes, your idea is right, but that was long ago.
  3. It will work fine. Some new motherboards are dropping support for the old PS/2 plugs or only giving you one for a keyboard OR a mouse, and assuming most of what you'll be plugging in is probably USB.

    I did find it annoying on one of my machines that it took a few seconds for it to re-detect the USB keyboard after waking up from sleep, so I did switch back to an old PS/2 model. But that's really nothing close to the kind of problem you're talking about, and I don't think you need to worry about it.
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