world of warcraft 300+ exploits

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Some new exploits for World of Warcraft just added:

Use the Speed of the Wind Rider, but ride him too
Run Speed Exploit
Quest Exploit
Alliance exploit Easy gold
XP Trick
Swimming Bug
Fishing Skill Exploit
Targetting Exploit
AFK Fishing Macro
Warrior Exploit - Unlimited Powers Stat
Hunter / Warlock exploit
Super Run Speed
Transfering items across factions
Fishing skill exploit
Ranged Attack Power Damage exploit
Name Exploit
Duel Exploit
Buy Multiple Limited Items
Free Spell Exploit
Dual Wield Magic Exploit
Flying Mounts Exploit
Instant Armor/Item Exploit
Item Roll Exploit
Getting unlimited rest xp
Unbelieveable tracking program

Feel free to browse through all the exploits at:
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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?) wrote:
    > Some new exploits for World of Warcraft just added:

    Untrue, potential buyers, please read MSGID
    <58wLe.827$> first.

    Since the scammer is too dumb operating a secured webserver, you can get to
    the "content" of the site for free by simply heading to:

    (Thanks for the hint, Mike) There, that is all there is and it isn't even



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