Corsair TX850M vs seasonic M12ii PSU

Which one do you guys think is quieter and overall "better"? They both have 5 year warranties,but I don't know which is quieter. I'm leaning towards the seasonic because its more modular.
I get something better And more clear cut, but here in Australia all the power supplies in this price range are 50-100$ more expensive then in America :cry:
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    Its splitting hairs. They are both fantastic units. And as I recall, that particular corsair is seasonic built. So it's seasonic vs seasonic.

    I do think the regulation is ever so slightly better on the TX and corsair has the better customer service. So if I had to chose, that's how would do it. Can't lose with either one though. You could just flip a coin and you would end up happy.
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  3. Thanks FALCON
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