New build won't boot to Windows.

I got my new build to finally get to the BIOS, did the whole BIOS interface set up, saved my settings and was ready to load Windows off my previous hdd. It loads the Windows screen, flashes a quick BSOD, and goes to to the press DEL key to setup BIOS. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.
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  1. Thats quite often the case when moving the HDD to a new PC. Windows loads, looks at the hardware and sais 'WTF is this? I have no idea how to operate on this...' and shuts down. Your best bet if you cannot do a clean install (which is the preferable way to do it and will lead to less head aches down the road) is to try and boot with the Windows 7 install disk and do a system repair.

    In all honesty though you really should do a clean install of windows for a fresh PC. You won't run in to any small hardware/registry errors later on.
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