How do you download direct 3d?

i need help enabling my direct 3d for an old game im trying to run on my computer and whenever i press play on the game i am returned to my desktop and a message pops up saying unable to initialize direct 3d make sure you computer meets the minumum graphics requirements but i dont understand how to do that. I would appreciate the help thanks
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  1. It sounds like you need an old DirectX version for that particular game. Pull out the CD and try to install whatever ancient version of DirectX the game needs.

    Depending on how old the game is, it may simply be incompatible with modern operating systems/hardware. You may have to run the game in software rendering mode, as 3D acceleration tends to be broken on some older games when used on modern hardware. A lot of modern video cards only officially support backwards compatibility with DirectX 7, and anything before that can be a bit hit and miss. Which game are you trying to run BTW?
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