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Hello,I need your guy's help please.I am have a GTX 560 ti graphics card, and i have problem.I interserted the DVI cable and my screen is black from startup no login screen no BIOS nothing the screen doesn't even go on(the screen works by the way i tested it and i know it the graphics card because the screen works on board) I i can't open the PC case because of warranty and it work like a few minutes before i got the problem and another thing i didn't install any new hardware or software like in 4 months(except for steam and dota 2 but it worked perfectly.....Please give me a valid answer :D
thank you
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  1. if the onboard is working the 560Ti probably isnt going to. hook it up to the onboard, go into tye bios, and seitch thd pcie to be primary.

    if you can't open the case because of the warranty (which isn't true BTW, manufacturer warranties allow yih to open it and upgrade components) then no one can help you. send it back under warranty
  2. Thank you for the reply.... i think this part is spelling mistaken if not please explain if please type the correct sentence thank you"and seitch thd pcie to be primary"
  3. And please tell me how to
  4. restart go into bios and select the video to pci slot usually you have to hold down either F7 or F8 or F10 depends on the manufacturer some are F4 and or F11 or F12 to get into the bios .. you should see either video out put setting or something along those lines and you see either onboard or pci select the pci .. hit enter .. do you wish to save these changes type y or just hit enter..

    also you will need to be hooked into the onboard video to be able to switch once you make the change the screen will probobly go blank disconnect the cable from the onboard video and reconnect it to the 560 ti video card you should get a picture at that point.
  5. i find it strange that your 560ti wasnt selected as the defult video output .. did you recently add it to your system?
  6. No i got the whole PC from scratch.....Paid a a lot.Anyway my BIOS is very complicated while searching what you mentioned(goodguy) i have that advance BIOS with main categories like Main,Setting etc.. can you please be specific i don't really know that much about computers but i do know some i just can't find what you referring to.And another thing you said i can set it from on board to pci,i just want to know if there is another name for on board because there is like iGPU and pci/(and then random names and stuff)please be specific with the names of the stuff i need to change and if that is the name then my BOIS doesn't have it i look very thoroughly...Please help and thank you for the answers
  7. with out actually having your computer here or actually knowing what your motherboard model is .. there is pretty much no way i can help you its called IGP stands for intergrated graphics port And your only viable alternative is the pci port thats what you want to select. it would be under video output .. i was pretty detailed in my last post so follow the same steps look for that setting it would be either under bios settings or advanced every vender is different so i cant really help much more then that.
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