How to Upgrade my current Intel processor?

I would be upgrading my Intel Q9550 2.85 Ghtz Intel Quad Duo Core2.
Which of the Sandy or Ivy Bridge current Intel processors is the first level that upgrades mine?

Thank you kindly
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    In you case you cannot upgrade the CPU only, unfortunately. Newer Intel chips use a different socket design which means you have to purchase a new motherboard, and likely new RAM as well. Are you aware of this?
  2. You've got nearly the top core 2 duo so upgrading with your motherboard would not get you much. I'd recommend an i5 3570 with a good, cheap motherboard like a ASRock B75M $64.99
  3. Thank you all. On second thought given the socket changes I will await the next Haswell processor and only then would match sockets and RAM.

    By then my Dell Desktop will be 4 years old so i can justify a totally new system

    Thank you kindly
  4. ^Probably a good call, yes.
  5. Good plan....
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