First time changing case, need help

Ok, Right now i have this:

I would like to get this graphics card and this case, the case because i also need the power supply.

I am in the $400 range budget for all these and if anyone could recommend anything better, that'd be great
Thanks in advance
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  1. hard to say, all links broken for me.
  2. Oh sorry, know how i can fix it?
  3. Isn't PC Case Gear an Australian company (hint)?
  4. Yeah.? Do they have a forum?
  5. Try these links.

    My PC now.

    New Case?

    And new graphics card?

    I am in the $400 budget and i need a power supply, and that graphics card and i need new case for it to fit, so if anyone can tell me if it is compatible or if there is something better.
    By the way, from my PC now i am switching everything over but not the power supply and the graphics card
  6. well for first dont buy a case with a pre installed psu and a cooler master psu is not good

    get a psu from reliable brands like corsair, antec or seasonic
  7. Ok, im new to all this, i need new case, that graphics card and a power supply that can handle all that $400 range, any recommendations?
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