Thinking of buying a pair of 4850s

My question is will a pair of VisionTek Radeon HD 4850's be able to CrossFire on my motherboard?
My motherboard is a: Abit IN9 32X-MAX LGA775 4 DDR2 DIMM RAM
(I'm not sure if I named the correct mobo... but I am fairly certain :P)

Also, are a pair of 4850's CrossFired a good buy for $120? (They will have a Zalman Fatal1ty FC-ZV9 vga cooler on each card included)

If you need more details about my computer I will answer when I get back.

Any information will be greatly appreciated!

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  1. You should be able to Crossfire those on that motherboard just fine, but beware of buying used graphics cards unless you can test them yourself in your own computer.

    I feel like this is what you are looking at:

    EDIT: Also what power supply do you have? For $120, there are other cards you can get, but 4850CF is pretty good still today if you dont care about DX11.

    Just beware of the cards not working. There is a reason for him selling them.
  2. several things. first What is your resolution, and are they 512MB or 1GB cards?

    I had crossfire 4850s. they are loud, hot, and are going to pull 250W. they will give you performance about 30% below a 6950. BUT if you are at 1080p the 512MB cards are gonna take a hit. you wont be running bad company 2 maxed. and I think 120 is too much for 512MB cards.

    if your below 1080p you should be good to go. and the 1GB cards might handle 1080p OK.

    Also keep in mind they dont support direct x11, and will basically be worth nothing by the time you replace them, with no upgrade option. a 7850 will cost 220, but will give better performance, directx11, less power, less heat, less noise, and might be worth 100 when its time to sell, or can be crossfired later.
  3. Is there any cooling on the vram and power vrm? If so then it might be worth buying them but personally would push for some sort of discount. Their overall performance should be slightly less than two 5750 in crossfire.
  4. Not such a smart idea, I think.

    You might want to read this article on microstuttering, particularly with lower end graphics cards.
    In a nutshell.. microstuttering is likely to be more annoying than the benefit of higher benchmark stats.,2995.html
  5. Take your $120 and add a few duckets and get a 6850 or if you can squeeze it in, a 6870.
  6. I would rather personally go with a single solution, namely a HD6850, and not the GTX550Ti.
  7. Well the general consensus is that I should just get a newer better performance single card over these pair of 4850s. I did not realize they were old enough that they do not support DX11.

    Thank you guys for the input! And happy July 4th everybody!

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