iv got a big problem and cant for the life of me figure it out, first off i will give you my full system specs
window 7 ultimate 64bit
i7 2600k (not overclocked)
16gb ddr3 gell ripjaw z ram
500gb standard hard drive
asrock z77 extreme 6 motherboard
amd xfx black edition 7970
corairs hx850 psu

my motherborard is on the latest bios 1.70

now my problem is the motherboard hasd 3 pci express post 1,x16 1,x8 and 1,x4 now my graphic card has just stopped working in the x16 and x8 slots but will still work in the x4 slot, iv tried my sons nvidia gt240 and that does the same so i dont think its the graphics card, alos 2 of the 4 usb 3.0 poets on the back I.O plate have stopped working as well, all drivers and in and upto date, now is it a faulty motherboard or is my psu on its way out this is a new build and all componants and 2 months old and all was bought new, sorry about my punctuation and spelling its not my strong point and thank you in advance for any help, iv been building pc for close to 10 years and never had a problem like this before
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  1. i doubt your psu has any effect on this .. my guess is that your motherboard shorted out somewhere .. for it to work in the 4x slot only proves this .. i know this might sound like a hassle but id take the board out and re seat it .. personally after having something like this happen to me different sercumstances i went and bought some rubber washers and put them between the standoffs and the screw ins to make sure i did not short my motherboard out by grounding it with the case .. if none of this works and after you tried selecting the vga output to pci id say it would be bad mobo and return it.. its actually pretty common to get a bad motherboard shipped to you .. its happend to me..
  2. It does sound like the motherboard is failing on you. I recommend you RMA as soon as possible.
  3. junky as it might seem, take your son's ps and put it in your machine. chances are with so much going on the board is bad or got power spiked.
  4. the thing is its been working fine for the last 2 months so dont think its a short this only happened the other night all i did was shut the pc down via windows the the next time i tried to start the pc there was no video output unless i used the x4 pci express slot, the other thing that was happening alot before this was that when i used to shut windows down the pc would still stay running and wouldnt shut off even thou windows had fully closed down this happened 2 time in every 5 shut downs, iv never had any problems at all in 10 year of system building so im lost and i know you guys here on this forum know your stuff so if i can find out whats wrong this would be the best place to do it
  5. swifty_morgan said:
    junky as it might seem, take your son's ps and put it in your machine. chances are with so much going on the board is bad or got power spiked.

    my sons psu is only a cheapo 450 that come with the case he doesnt have a powerful system so his psc wouldnt even run my system at all, i will say this thou the i7 2600k in built graphic still works, and as i said 2 of the 4 back usb 3.0 ports have stopped working as well, i just dont want to rma the wrong part and even up messing around for weeks on end
  6. sure it was shutting down and not forced into sleep mode ? and I'd try and use that PS if it's all I could get my hands on. Pull the graphics card and run the on board... ??/ if supported. Test ports, etc.

    I still think the board got zapped. Leave it plugged in all the time ?
  7. yea its plugged in 24/7
  8. new update guys i re built the pc again and now the pciexpress x16 slot is working again but 1 of the 4 rear usb 3.0 ports still doesnt work, it gets power to any device i put in it but the device does not work iv tried 3 memory sticks a wifi dongle and my keyboard and mouse all show to get power but do not work, there is another usb 3.0 port right next too it and that works fine, any ideas please
  9. lol turn on my pc this morning and everything is working fine again, god only knows what happened to my pc but all is up and running again
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