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I am having graphics problems with my Gateway SX2802 deskktop.
On my homepage of I can usually play the featured video on the front page but if I choose any other videos on that page they will play with sound but do not display. Also the ads on the right side are flashing. If I go to the interactive map flashes each frame of and on - it does not play as even as a choppy video. When playing online poker a buzz will develop that is syncronized with video movements. It is not a continous buzz, just a short burst and the video will freeze or jump for an instant. works fine as do other sites but these are the constant problems on these particular sites.
Who has an idea of the problem?
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  1. hmmm...what internet browser are you using? If its not google chrome download and install google chrome..give that a shot and see if that fixes your issue....also you could go to gateway support and download the latest drivers for your intel integrated graphics...first uninstall the old drivers and then install the new ones.
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