Blank screen with gtx 560 ti

Hello,I have a very big problem my DVI cable is plugged in my card but the 560 ti doesn't work....I tried a few forum's but tom' is more reliable hope i can get some descent help.Now the problem is i get a blank screen without a login screen or anything to help me my screen just say no signal and i know it is the graphics card because the screen works with other PC's aswel if you are going to tell me to go the BIOS please be very specific i have an ASUS BIOS with i5 25000K CPU
Please help me help would be appreciated a lot thank you(Please not i don't know the terms that well so please explain if you do add complicated terms like PCI's and rma's don't know what the hell does are)
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  1. are you able to get into the BIOS? does your screen display the bootup sequence (like the asus logo or something) or do you not get video at all? if you get video in the bios it seems like there is just something wrong with your software/OS a reformat could help that...if you dont get any video what so ever your card may be dead....does your motherboard have a dvi connector that you could plug your monitor into?
  2. I can get into the BOIS via onboard pluggin however when i plug the vard in there is no screen just blank screen.....Any help
  3. if you can get video from the onboard but not from the video card then your card may be thing to try would be plug the monitor into the onboard go into the bios and find a setting that sets the default video adapter and set it to the dedicated graphics card. save reboot and then plug the dvi cable into the graphics card....if you still dont get video then your card is probably dead
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