Cheap Graphics Cards That are Good?

What are some good cheap graphics cards for £50 and under?
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  1. What are you planning to do with the gpu and what are your system specs?
    £50 is quite low for a gpu
  2. As Simon stated, the 6670 is probably your best bet at that price:,review-32586-2.html

    What are the rest of your system specs, what games are you hoping to play, and what resolution is your monitor?
  3. Do you currently have a graphics card?
    - If there there is a moderate to high chance that it already outperforms the Radeon HD6670 anyway.

    If not compare it to other cards using:

    The Gigabyte manufactured Radeon HD7750 1GB OC might be a better buy?


    Yes, I know it is about +25% more expensive, but it is at least +33% better performing
    - As such it's performance per GBP is at least +6.67% better than the cheaper card.
  4. I agree hd 6670 seems the best for the price
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