Connected monitor to a newly installed radeon hd 6670 card but system boot doesn

Prior to installing my new Radeon HD 6670 2GB
GDDR3 card I've disabled my integrated graphic card as per Diamond (manufacturer) instructions.Then I installed new card into designated PCI Express x16 slot and connected my monitor.When I tried to start computer there was no booting display and nothing happend afterwards.I tried to reconnect monitor to an old integrated card but since it has been disaled can't use it either.
OS Windows XP
Motherboard AMD Sempron 1.8 3000+
PSU Delta Power 450w
LG Flatron Wide LCD Monitor
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  1. To get your old video out to be enabled again, remove the CMOS battery for a few seconds (and jumper the CLR Cmos pins). When you get it back to default, see if the board will switch video automatically.
  2. It's a desktop there is no battery and I tried to clear jumper nothing happens
  3. Desktops have a battery too :)

    Its a little 3 volt cr2032 in most cases.

    Look for it disconnect the power(at the power supply) remove it and short(if they are at 1-2 move it to 2-3 for a few seconds then back) the pins called clr_rtc or clr_cmos.

    Just to give you an idea of the battery look. Its the KTS one, the red box is the jumper location for a 2 pin only board. more boards have 3, but you get the idea.

    If that fails, if you have onbaord video connect to it and look in the bios for an option to boot from PCI-E and not onboard or IGP.
  4. yagarik said:
    It's a desktop there is no battery and I tried to clear jumper nothing happens

    Follow Nukemaster's advice. But shorting the clr cmos pins with the battery in won't always work and can damage the system.
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