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I am building a intel 17 3770k gigabyte's motherboard GA-Z77X-UD5H board various other components, Have not got alot of money left, and space NEED a aftermarket cooler which well easy to install and is cheap NOT going for liquid or water cooler PLEASE help someone any suggestions ? :??:
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  1. I just read that the cooler master hyper 212 evo is a good cooler and a good price , is this cooler very easy to install on my motherboard?
  2. Oh well no answer's i think i might try the Freezer 13 never realized how easy to install it it is, UNLESS someone has a better idea lol
  3. Frio is one the best for cooling an highly overclocked i7, it is tall and may not fit some cases.

    If your going stock or a small overclock, Hyper 212 Evo very good cooler for a small amount of cash and fits a wide range of cases.

    In both cases, don't forget to ensure you have intake and exhaust fans.
  4. if you can spring for it, you can pick up a closed loop water (i know you said no water, but it is great on space and it is a sealed unit, so very little risk involved) such as the H60 from corsair for around £60-£70. excellent cooling and no large block sitting over your processor (better airflow around the whole case if you ask me too)
  5. the 212 is fine for fairly low OCs, but if you have the room for it and you don't want to go for a water cooler (even closed loop), then i'd still go for a noctua d14. best air cooler ever made IMO. also take a look at the thermaltake silver arrow. both excellent air coolers.
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