Which Is The Better PSU?

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  1. All the same inside ( XFX provides a bit more power and 3 more SATA connectors ), you choose what you think is pretty
  2. They are all basically the same power supply. The XFX and Antec units you listed are both rebranded seasonic S12II's, which is the third unit on your list. The XFX and seasonic warranties are longer.
  3. Get the XFX. Has more wattage & more connections. Also looks quite nice :)
  4. The XFX does have more connectors, but more isnt better unless you really need them. Otherwise it's just more clutter in the case.

    I also seriously doubt the XFX has more wattage, despite the higher rating. It's very common for identical, rebranded, S12II units to be rated differently by their new label despite being identical internally. That's because seasonic tends to underrate their units. So there is wiggle room to rebadge S12ii's at a slightly higher rating.
  5. I Gonna Purchase The XFX After U lot just told me there re branded seasonic
  6. XFX also has a long warranty so good to go with them :)
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