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Hi everyone. My PC does not seem to find a wifi extender we bought. Do I need a wireless card? I was under the impression that a router connected to your PC with a LAN cable does the same as a wireless card. But now I am a bit confused. My router does not support WPS. The extender is a Netgear WN2000RPT. Thanks for the help!
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  1. I think your confused.
    Router connects to the internet.
    Extender connects to the router
    Devices can connect to the extender or the router.

    If the extender is already extending some other wireless internet signal you can use the wireless router to bridge the connection (if your router supports that feature) to your pc. See your routers documentation for how to set that up but basically you go into the routers setup and change it from gateway mode to bridge mode and make sure your pc is plugged into the WAN port.
  2. Yes i believe i am confused. It is just that i cannot find the extender via add a device and i cannot find any networks at all. All i can see is what i am connected to currently, witch is my home network. So I have no idea how to connect the extender to my router to extend our current wireless range. That is why i wondered if i need a wireless card. Sorry if i am not making sense !
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    You are not going to see the , lets call it the WE, because you don't have a wireless card in your pc. Your router is not set to bridge mode and you dont want it to be from what I gather. I'm assuming from what you say that your pc is connected by a network cable to a wireless router which is connected to the internet.

    If that is correct then to install the WE set it near your router, give it power, and turn it on. Let it boot up (usually takes a few minutes)

    With your computer off unplug your computer network cable from the back of the router and plug it into one of the ones on the WE.

    Boot up your computer and it should find a new network. let it run thru its configuration and then open a browser and go to WWW.MYWIFIEXT.NET
    Log in with admin using netgear as the password.

    Using the menu on the left, select SETUP WIZARD and then find and connect to your routers wireless network. You should already know your wireless routers connection info (ssid & password) and once you connect you will get a 'Congratulations' screen.

    At this point you can click finish and be done but I strongly recommend you update the devices firmware (the link should now be available on the left side now that you've connected to the router) . Once thats done you can power down the WE, reconnect your computers network cable back to the router, and then relocate the WE to someplace in between your wireless router and the area you want people to connect in. Power the router on amd once its booted up fully check the connection light, ideally you want it to be green because the stronger the signal the faster the link will be (ie: green = more speed) This link light is showing you the connection between the WE and the router only, not the pc's connecting to it.
  4. Wow thank you very very much!! Works perfectly!! appreciate the help!!
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  6. You're welcome.
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