Intel i5 3570k CPU runs hot! What do you think about these temps?

Sorry, my English is bad.

So, i built my new PC and it works fine! The VGA temp is max 60 degrees, but my CPU is maybe too hot! I use stock cooler (i can't buy a new cooler now, only 1-2 months later). The cores in idle was 37-42 degrees. I started playing games and then watched the max core temps. The hottes core was 68 degrees with games, then 1 tried with prime95, then it was 74 degrees. I disabled the turbo boost (now i had 3.4 ghz, not 3.8), and reapplyed the thermal compound. Now in idle it's 27-33, i started prime95, and it was 65 (max. 68). The intel's webpage says: the i5-3570k tcase is 67.5 degrees. Are these themps are okay with the stock cooler (I get a better cooler as soon as i can)? And do the 74 degrees damaged my CPU (I used it for 3 days but it was usually just 50-55 degrees)?
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  1. Those temperatures are really high to be honest. Your CPU shouldn't reach those temperatures if you've put the thermal paste on properly & even with a stock cooler shouldn't reach so high. Make sure you apply the paste properly & see if that helps. My AMD CPU is 33C idle & 60 max at 4.4Ghz. And AMD CPU's get hot much more than Intel
  2. First i tried with the stock paste, then i reapplyed it 2 times, but nothing changed. It can't be the paste. Now I played Far Cry 3 on full and it's max 63 degrees
  3. You can't compare amd to intel in temps and generally speaking intel is hotter but it should be looked at by a case by case basis. It is actually normal for for the i5 3570k to go into the 70C with the stock cooler. Even the 2500k gets to those temps stock. You can even google "i5 3570k stock cooler temps." It's actually normal to hit 80C.
  4. 63 max is fine. Nothing to worry about there.
  5. 63 is fine for a temperature. Most of the time when I hear of someone having high temperatures with the stock HSF (heatsink/fan) it comes down to the HSF not being mounted well. Here is an easy way to check; see if you can put each of the twist clips straight up. If you can than it wasnt seated well and you need to re-seat.
  6. What motherboard do you have? Also what computer case and fan setup do you have?? My i5 3570k would overclock to 4.3ghz and the temps would still be fine on the stock cooler. Your temps are fine, but they are kinda high for 3.4ghz (whats your vcore voltage set to in your bios?) You can take off the two side panels on your case then run Prime95 and see if its an airflow issue!
  7. My mobo is Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H. I have one fan in the back, and 2 in the front of the case. I already taked off the side panels.
  8. I used the CPU for 3 days and it was max 68 degrees in gaming....Does it damaged my CPU? Because the tcase is 67.5. Now the temp is lower, max 63 in gaming, but if i play for hours i think it would be about 65 degrees.
  9. Don't worry about hitting 68C in gaming. Just make sure your PC isn't running at such high temps all the time. If you're worried about the temperatures just get an aftermarket cooler such as the Hyper 212 Evo
  10. I had the same problems but they were much worse! I was running off 4000 Graphics i put in a small card which took a few degrees off the 3570k but still wasn't satisfied so replaced thermal compound and made sure the pins on the cooler were in properly!
    Now Idling at 34 (Maximum Idle) TJmax is 105
  11. short answer: those temps are fine with that chip. check around for similar posts of people asking about high temps with this chip and that should definitely alleviate any worry you have. ivy bridge = heat monster
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